Neil Woodward, Michigan's Troubadour


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Michigan's Troubadour Neil Woodward presents musical stories in his songs and tunes with Michigan-I-A. Voice, fiddle, guitar, banjo, concertina, harmonica, mandolin, mandocello, dulcimer, autoharp and Irish bodhran tell the tale of the early days of Michigan. Along the way, the listener hears settlers, sailors, farmers, lumber workers, light keepers, fiddlers, dancers, soldiers, miners and factory laborers.

A Cup Of Kindness

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Neil Woodward, Michigan's Troubadour has spent a lifetime in the study and performance of American folk and popular musical instruments and songs.   His album A Cup Of Kindness delivers a stocking stuffed with all the love, joy and warmth of these timeless Holiday classics. All instrumental arrangements.

Old Timers

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American songs, tunes and stories brought to life with a wagon load of sounds by Michigan's Troubadour, Neil Woodward.  Old Timers tells tales of immigrants’ hopes and the old home place, Great Lakes mariners and lumbermen, weary soldiers and anxious families at home, railroad bosses and hoboes, cowboys and farmers, fiddlers and dancers advancing and military forces in retreat.

Way Of The Rail

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With deep roots in American folk and old time country blues musical tradtions, Neil Woodward, Michigan's Troubadour employs his rich baritone voice and a boxcar load of string and wind instruments to tell his stories new and old.  Way of The Rail  includes a new Edison wax cylinder recording of "Big Rock Candy Mountain."


The Dawn of the Twenty First Century

As the world gets smaller the gulf between us grows wider.  Music is the most powerful source in the universe.  Music is a reflection of the beauty we experience, a celebration of the blessings bestowed upon us.  Music is a fine and time honored traditional activity for enhancing enjoyment of each others’ company during our brief and wonderful time together here on the planet.

From the first track, a stirring a capella “Peace Chant”, Michigan's Troubadour shares his heart and soul through these 14 all-original songs.

Warm Winter Night

Warm Winter Night is a live recording a January 2007 Neil Woodward concert at The Ark, Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Neil presents an action-packed evening with friends, neighbors and family to warm up a long northern night.

Michigan's Troubadour Double Album

- Life Love & Food Songs/Dog Songs and Other Distractions

This CD presents two full length albums: Life Love & Food Songs, and Dog Songs and Other Distractions. These are Neil Woodward's first two records of all original compositions, released in 1992 and 1989 respectively. The new reissue contains 24 tracks, 79 minutes of music.

Songs include: the stirring story, "The Morning the Sky Fell on Old Lockerbie"; testimonial of "A Good Old Dog"; reflective "The Old Man's Dream", "Home", and "Old Songs in the Key of C"; bouncing finger picking solo guitar "Tubas in the Third House Rag"; spooky "Dead Man's Chair"; rocking love "I ain't Mad at You"; laconically swinging food song "Baby Won't You Fry Me an Egg?"; homelessness "On The Dole"; the anthem "Singin Woody's Songs" and many more. 

In The Year Of The Dog

Traditions of Michigan's Troubadour are on display in this full-year songwriting/recording project. Riveting contemporary stories with award-winning roots guitar, harp, fiddle and mandolin. Featuring supporting cast of Michigan musicians.

Wild Blueberries Ripe In Paradise

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The Wild Blueberry Festival takes place every August on Lake Superior's Whitefish Bay in Paradise, Michigan. After the virgin forests were cleared of the majestic white pines, and following devastating wildfires, the scrub became a paradise of wild berries as part of the recovery of the land in the early 1900s. Much of Michigan's forested lands were restored by workers of the Civilian Conservation Corps, a 1930s New Deal program to provide jobs during the Great Depression.

My Huckleberry Friends

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Michigan's Troubadour celebrates the people, the stories and history of Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad with this new collection of songs and tunes.