Neil Woodward, Michigan's Troubadour

Michigan's Troubadour Double Album - Life Love & Food Songs/Dog Songs and Other Distractions

This CD presents two full length albums: Life Love & Food Songs, and Dog Songs and Other Distractions. These are Neil Woodward's first two records of all original compositions, released in 1992 and 1989 respectively. The new reissue contains 24 tracks, 79 minutes of music.

Songs include: the stirring story, "The Morning the Sky Fell on Old Lockerbie"; testimonial of "A Good Old Dog"; reflective "The Old Man's Dream", "Home", and "Old Songs in the Key of C"; bouncing finger picking solo guitar "Tubas in the Third House Rag"; spooky "Dead Man's Chair"; rocking love "I ain't Mad at You"; laconically swinging food song "Baby Won't You Fry Me an Egg?"; homelessness "On The Dole"; the anthem "Singin Woody's Songs" and many more.