Prayer For Peace


Prayer For Peace


Pray for Peace on Christmas morning

Bow to kiss the Child’s face

Men and women’s hearts are warming

Pray for God’s redeeming Grace


Peace will come to those who love

Fellow man as God above

All our weapons laid away

Pray for Peace on Christmas Day


Even as the world is burning

Let us now attend the Birth

Homeless and downtrodden turning

Pray for our beleaguered Earth


Love will reign and wars will cease

The promise of the Prince of Peace

Son of God and Son of man

Help us all to understand


Pray for Peace on Christmas morning

Dark though as the skies may be

Nations’ leaders, heed the warning

Open all our eyes to see


May each of us within this place

Open hearts to Saving Grace

Lest we throw this world away

Pray for Peace on Christmas Day



© 2009 Neil Woodward




 Prayer For Peace composed by Neil Woodward

Flint Symphony 2011 Holiday Pops Concert

Arranged and orchestrated by Brian DiBlassio

Bill Harris, Holiday Pops Producer and Co-host of ABC 12 Broadcast


A Prayer For Peace is the essence of Christmas and all other observations and celebrations around the world that begin the new year.  From the earliest seeds of civilization, humans have come together to give thanks and ask for renewal of life on the planet.  Sometimes we focus on differences of religion, color, culture, location and history.  During this time of year we can see a real “fraternity of mankind” as we view all people and our common aspirations.  In every language, every religion, every person prays for redemption and success in the coming year, not only for his or her own circumstances, but also including the health of the Earth and everyone all over the world.   


I am excited to hear the performance by the Flint Symphony Orchestra and Children’s Choir!  I have written and performed hundreds of my own compositions over forty-plus years as a working musician.  This show represents the first time one of my own songs has been arranged and orchestrated, presented by such a renowned orchestra and choir.  It is an honor to be included in this long-running series, which has been embraced and enjoyed by so many families as part of their holiday traditions.


Woodward family gatherings, and especially Christmas celebrations have always included home-made music.  Crowding around the piano, various musical instruments in loving hands, all voices raise the Joyful Noise in celebration of the Season of Joy.  These are some of my earliest memories and most cherished moments of my life.


Our old friends have assembled for a number of years at our home, to cast off winter cares and catch up with another year of living.  Prayer For Peace was introduced and first sung by this group of folks during our annual Wassail.  The spirit of these friends sharing songs together, along with our love for the old traditional carols, inspired me to produce my Christmas album, A Cup of Kindness…music for the season of joy.  My purpose was to give cassettes to my friends and family as gifts.  This recording is now available as a CD.  There could be no better reward than the families who have told me that my gift to my friends has become part of their own family’s Holiday traditions.

Neil Woodward

Michigan’s Troubadour

Cohoctah, December 2011