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Harvest Gathering Waltz Hour

Earthwork Harvest Gathering, 999-1 E Cutcheon Rd, , Lake City, MI 49651

Neil joins Bob's Waltz Fiddle Posse. Earthwork Harvest Gathering creates an intergenerational safe space to cultivate healing, empowerment and collaborative community enrichment in a three-day cultural celebration on Earthwork Farm in rural Northern Michigan. Earthwork Harvest Gathering celebrates diversity, practices inclusivity while activating civic engagement and encouraging social-ecological awareness among its attendees, volunteers, performers, vendors, staff, and guests through workshops, panel discussions, and cultural traditions with an emphasis on local food and farming—in addition to a robust and eclectic offering of musical performances.

Neil Woodward in Concert

Lighthouse Center

Thanks to the Lighthouse Center for inviting me to play. This spiritual community's home is on Whitmore Lake with a warm, welcoming intimate concert venue in their gathering room. Join us for some Michigan music, old and new!